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2012 training DVD by Sue Jennings 'Neuro-Dramatc-Play: Working with Time and Trust' (produced by Actionwork), £10.50 (with p. and p. £12.00)


2012 'Neuro-Dramatic-Play Part One' by Sue Jennings, 40 pages of beautiful and colourful stories and techniques, (published by Healing Tree), £7.50 (with p. and p. £8.50)


**Buy the above DVD and book for a reduced prices of £16.00(with p. and p. £18.50)**


2012 'Creative Care: creating an alternative pathway' by Sue Jennings, 40 x A5 pages of pictures and ideas in beautiful colour (published by Healing Tree), £4.50 (with p. and p. £5.50)



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