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International projects

Sue has flown across the world for more than 40 years and introduced dramatherapy and play therapy training courses in many countries: Greece, Israel, India, Norway and more recently Sicily, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ireland and Italy. Sue has also contributed to training programmes in Austria, Switzerland, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

As Adjunct Professor of NYU Sue has contributed to the Drama Therapy training with Professor Robert Landy in New York. She has also introduced her approach in San Francisco at CIIS for Renee Emunah, and for Don Laffoon at StopGap.

The British Council initially sponsored the training courses in Athens and Thessalonika. Sue lived in Athens every few weeks for two years in order to give the dramatherapy training a firm foundation before it became self-supporting. She was inspired by the idea of taking dramatherapy training to the place where theatre was born and incorporated many of the ancient plays and discoveries from anthropology and archaeology into the training programme. She continues to give occasional input in Greece, both to dramatherapy and play therapy.

Sue met Professor Mooli Lahad in London while he was continuing his post-graduate psychology training 1982-84. On his return to Israel Sue joined him to help set up the first dramatherapy training at Tel Hai college 1988. The course is well established and approved by the Israel Health and Education Departments. It has recently expanded to Herzelia and to an Arab village Mera’a. Sue continues her long-term collaboration with Mooli as well as Galila Oren who arranges her courses in Tel Aviv and Holon. Galila trained at NYU and works as a play therapist, trainer and supervisor.

Sue has collaborated with Ase Minde, the Norwegian Art Therapist for over 20 years. Every year they run a combined Spring School or Summer School in Norway that is usually based on a classical text of Shakespeare or Ibsen, or ancient myths and fairy tales. Sue and Ase co-authored Art Therapy and Dramatherapy: Masks of the Soul (see Resources) published by Jessica Kingsley, which received excellent reviews. In 2006 they are also having a Spring School in London.

The Samadhan Centre in New Delhi, India organised dramatherapy training in collaboration with the National Theatre, Theatre-In-Education department. Intensive training was provided for participants from all over India: nuns, teachers, psychologists, community workers and arts workers. Working with the text of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the group worked with children ands teenagers with special needs, and a performance created for the British Council. Sue worked with her daughter Ros, and later returned to develop a training programme for the staff of Samadhan, an education centre for children with learning disabilities founded by Pramila Balasundaram. Sue later established her working friendship with Aanand Chabukswar from Pune, a dramatherapist and storyteller, founder of the World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation (WCCLF). Aanand is also a part of the dramatherapy development in Romania.

Sue has worked with her son Dr Andy Hickson (Director of Actionwork) on a variety of international projects including creative projects in Romania, Malaysia, Greece, Norway, Italy and Spain.

2006 saw new courses in: Romania (Social Theatre for teachers in Brasov), Kazakhstan, (Introduction to Play Therapy in Almaty), Greece (Introduction to Dramatherapy and Play Therapy in Evrytania). Italy (Play Therapy in Milan) and a continuation of the existing courses in: Norway, Austria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Israel, Switzerland and Ireland.

Updates for 2006 onwards will be coming soon.

Are you interested in a short training programme? Dr Sue Jennings can provide 2 – 10 day courses in Dramatherapy, Play Therapy, Social Theatre for the following:

Colleges and universities; NGOs; social work, hospital and educational teams.

She can also advise on new projects and supervise or mentor ongoing programmes. Please contact us for more details

Special Project 1
Storytelling with railway boys in Romania


Special project 2

"Theatre of resilience" (ToR). Developmental drama and theatre performance with disadvantaged Arab children in Nazareth